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T1 Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber-Dryer

The T1 micro scrubber-dryer delivers a compact, efficient cleaning option for your environment:

  • Scrub small, congested areas, in forward and reverse, with the T1’s compact, manoeuvrable design
  • Clean uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes with the T1’s 3 gallon tank, which helps decrease tank empties and can increase productivity
  • Improve operator comfort and cleaning flexibility with Insta-Adjust™ handle and ergonomic grips

Key machine features of the T1 walk-behind micro scrubber-dryer:

  • 15 in cleaning path is perfect for cleaning entry ways, hallways, check out aisles, and more
  • Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks are easy to clean, which can reduce scrubber tank mould, bacteria, and odours
  • 33 lbs of down pressure and 1200 rpm brush speed for powerful cleaning in small spaces
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