T7AMR Robotic Scrubber-Dryer


T7AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber-Dryer Address labour challenges, drive efficiencies and maintain a high standard of cleaning with the T7AMR, a robotic solution designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees. Reduce the amount of detergent and water needed with optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ technology.​ T7AMR Features and Benefits ​​A collaborative autonomous scrubber-dryer featuring ec-H2O NanoClean & [...]

2180R Micro-Rider Scrubber-Dryer


2180SR VLX 50/60cm Micro-Rider Floor Scrubber-Dryer ​The 2180SR is a reliable micro-rider scrubber-dryer that delivers productive cleaning of large areas. Its quiet sound level, intuitive controls and compact design allow for easy operation and anytime cleaning. The 2180SR is ideal for cleaning large spaces in areas such as retail stores, hospitals and schools. 2180SR [...]

1870S Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer


1870S VLX 60/70cm Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer The 1870S is a highly productive and reliable self-propelled floor scrubber-dryer. Its ease of use and maneuverability allow for quick cleaning in medium sized spaces found in schools, hospitals and retail stores. 1870S Features and Benefits Control panel indicator light when solution tank level is low. Easy-to-inspect in-line solution [...]

1040S Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer


1040S VLX 50cm Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer ​The 1040S is a reliable scrubber-dryer that delivers effective cleaning in small spaces. Its easy-to-maneuver design, intuitive controls and robust components provide for simple operation and maintenance. The 1040S is ideal for cleaning small, congested areas found in retail stores, hospitals and schools. 1040S Features and Benefits Control panel [...]

CS16 Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer


CS16 Micro Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer ​The CS16 is a compact, reliable and user-friendly micro scrubber-dryer that provides productive cleaning in tight spaces. Its easy-to-use controls, low-profile design and ergonomic handle provide easy operation. The CS16 is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces in areas such as hospitals, retail stores and offices. CS16 Features and Benefits CS16 35cm [...]

CS5 Micro Scrubber-Dryer


CS5 Micro Scrubber-Dryer ​Drop the mop and get a better level of clean with the CS5 Micro Scrubber-Dryer. This innovative, 21st century scrubber-dryer eliminates many of the challenges of traditional mop and bucket cleaning. Instead of pushing around dirty water, the CS5's separate solution and recovery tanks deliver fresh water for scrubbing. Where traditional [...]

T600 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubder-Dryer


T600 / T600e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryers Deliver exceptional cleaning performance and reliability even in the toughest environments. The T600/T600e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryers feature durable construction and a suite of productivity-boosting features. Help make your cleaning operation more productive by choosing from multiple cleaning heads and a variety of optional innovative technologies. Models T600/T600e replace model [...]

5680 Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer


5680 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryer Consistent floor cleaning results with the Tennant 5680 walk- behind scrubber-dryer: Reduce water and chemical usage with Tennant’s innovative ec-H2O or FaST technologies Increase productivity with extra-large tank that reduces frequent water changes Reduce operator training time with Quick-Train™ controls Key machine features of the 5680 walk behind floor scrubber-dryer: [...]

T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber


T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber Tennant’s T20 Industrial Rider Scrubber provides excellent cleaning in industrial environments with features designed to maximise productivity and provide high-performance results. Achieve excellent cleaning results with aggressive scrubbing and MaxPro²™ hydraulic technology. Maximise productivity with ec-H2O™ technology for cleaning up to three times longer than conventional scrubbing. Increase visibility with cab-forward [...]

T17 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-Dryer


T17 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-Dryer Tennant’s innovative T17 high-performing, heavy-duty, battery rider scrubber is focused on delivering customised solutions to meet your needs: Disk or cylindrical scrubbing, ranging from 40 in to 52 in cleaning paths. Maximise your time and floor cleaning capacity in the harshest industrial locations by cleaning a 7-8 hour shift in economy [...]

T16 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-Dryer


T16 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-Dryer The Tennant T16 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-Dryer Reduces Cost of Ownership By Up To 20% Achieve up to 20% lower cost of ownership when compared to similar ride-on scrubber-dryers with Tennant’s quality construction and innovative cleaning technologies Clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water when using [...]

T12 Compact Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-Dryer


T12 Compact Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-DryerGet the benefit of more cleaning productivity in the T12 compact, battery-powered rider scrubber:Experience the power of a heavy-duty rider scrubber without sacrificing manoeuvrability. The T12 offers a 28 wider scrub path and edge-to-edge cleaning when using the optional scrubbing side-brush.Clean effectively, save money, increase safety and reduce environmental impact with [...]

T7+ Micro Ride-On Floor Scrubber-Dryer


T7+ Micro Ride-On Floor Scrubber-Dryer The Tennant T7+ scrubber cleans large and small environments safely and productively: Keep operators focused on their cleaning environments with clear sight lines and simple controls Maximise scrubber uses with convenient size that can fit in tight spaces like elevators and doorways Improve solution recovery with parabolic, no-hassle squeegee [...]

T350 Stand-On Scrubber-Dryer


T350 Stand-On Scrubber-Dryer Clean large facilities with tight corners and obstructed spaces quickly and easily with the maneuverable T350 Stand-On Scrubber-Dryer, and enjoy category-leading productivity rates. Clean faster and longer with category-leading productivity rates exceeding 2.500 square meter per hour. Get consistent cleaning results with programmable Zone Settings™ that reduce dependence on operator set-up for different [...]

T500 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryer


T500 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryer Reduce costs to clean, increase productivity and simplify operator training with the T500 and T500e's optional innovative technologies, such as Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering, ec-H2O NanoClean™, IRIS® Fleet Manager and more. Deliver predictable cleaning results with operator lock-out, on-demand tutorial videos and Zone Settings™ with customisable labels using Pro-Panel™ LCD touch [...]

T300 Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer


T300 Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer The innovative T300 high performance walk-behind scrubber-dryer delivers high performance and consistent results for virtually any hard surface condition Minimize water consumption with optional ec-H2O NanoClean™ Technology. Programmable Zone Settings™ for your unique conditions. Multiple head options to fit your cleaning environment(s). New machine electronics allow the machine to do daily cleaning [...]

T2 Battery Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer


T2 Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer Experience Tennant quality with the affordable T2 Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer: Clean in small, congested areas in one pass with the T2’s compact, easy-to-manoeuvre design Experience Tennant quality cleaning performance while maintaining your budget. Scrub anytime, anywhere with quiet 68 dBA sound level Key machine features of the T2 Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer: 17 [...]

T1B Battery Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber-Dryer


T1B Battery Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber-Dryer The T1 Battery Micro Scrubber-Dryer delivers a safe, efficient cleaning option for your environment: Eliminate the hazards of cords with the T1 battery’s cord-free scrubbing Clean small, congested areas, in forward and reverse, with the T1 battery’s compact, manoeuvrable design Touch up high traffic areas multiple times per day [...]

T1 Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber-Dryer


T1 Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber-Dryer The T1 micro scrubber-dryer delivers a compact, efficient cleaning option for your environment: Scrub small, congested areas, in forward and reverse, with the T1’s compact, manoeuvrable design Clean uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes with the T1’s 3 gallon tank, which helps decrease tank empties and can increase productivity Improve [...]


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